The HORIZON EZHeight™ Integrated Height Measuring Device
Posted on: October 1, 2012

The HORIZON EZHeight™ Integrated Height Measuring Device

An industrial innovation that every total station would require brought to you by HORIZON.

Proudly Singaporean, proudly HORIZON.


Most surveying jobs  started on the total station would require the user to input the instrument height as part of the pre-job requirement.  Traditionally, this is accomplished via usage of a measuring tape, a leveling staff or some other measuring equipment. The user would then note the height measurement, and input it manually in the instrument. The EZHeight™ system is designed to take care of this entire procedure in a simple step.


An invention and innovation by HORIZON managing director Mr H J Tang, the EZHeight™ is an integrated device built into the EDM of a total station. Using the laser emitted by the laser diode of the total station, it allows the laser to be directed to the plumb point directly below the instrument, and the height of the instrument can be measured with a single push of a button and calculated via an on-board program. The height value is then automatically stored in the instrument and the user is ready to continue. The average time taken to accomplish this entire procedure is about 4.5seconds.


Using the EZHeight™ provides users with the following benefits:

  1. Height measurement accomplished in less than 1/3 of the time taken vs usage of measuring tape.
  2. Elimination of parallax and human errors using measuring tape
  3. Self-contained height measurement system. Dispenses with measuring tape and other conventional height measure devices
  4. Measures accurately to plumb point without hassle.
  5. Accuracy of 3mm
  6. Automatic capturing and storage of measured height. No need for manual keying, and eliminates human error during this step.
  7. Increases efficiency when working with a total station.


The EZHeight™ device is currently available only for the HORIZON H9 series total station as a standard feature and for the AGX series total stations as an option. HORIZON owns a IP patent pending, #201106241-1, for the EZHeight™ device, and it is would be available to HORIZON users in early 2013.